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Sometimes it's hard getting in to new music, especially when a band or a singer has been around for a while. It can be a little overwhelming not knowing where to start. That's where Musicvirgin comes in! Is there a band you want to check out? Let us know and hopefully our members will tell you where to start, and fill you in on all the FUN FACTS you need to know to get the most out of your devirginification. The genres we cover will really be influenced by the passions and obsessions of our members, but we're semi-indie if you need a starting point.

No trolling, though if you think a band is crap you're allowed to say why in the comments.
Bad way: God X is a shitty fucking band and you are a fucking trend monkey!
Good way: Hm, I think X were strongly influenced by W, but W did it better. Check out W's song Blah!

Don't worry, we aren't judging posts based on how obscure your request is. If you want to know about some top 40 band and someone around here knows enough about them to help you out, then yay! And also, if you have a really obscure band don't be afraid to see if anyone around here can help you because you never know! We are the internet/world/your butt and know more than you might think!
ask jackie about morrissey, ask jess about pulp, ask kasper about themanics, ask kylie about radiohead, bjork, enon, jax/morrissey otp, jesska's jarvis/pulp obsession, kraftwerk, mind blowingly good music, momus, new music, nick cave, obsessive fans, pulp, radiohead, stuff, taking your musical virginity, the decemberists, the kinks, the libertines, the smiths, warp records, wolf eyes